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April 28, 2018

Business Communications in Asia with HSE students.

Hi guys. It's been a while. How are you? I hope you're all using your time with something positive and useful like I did lately. So couple days ago I had a chance to join in a workshop. We started with dinner in Jimbaran Bay Seafood and it was delicious! During the dinner we introduced one to another, and oh the participants was not just Indonesian but there were four students from Higher School of Economics Moscows. It was their first time in Bali and they liked it. A group of musician came to our table and surprised us with Russian song. After had a brief from Mr. Lucky, we're all back to the hotel.

Basic Etiquette in Business Communication in Indonesia
Nothing better than having a practitioner as our lecturer. Mr. Ramia is a General Manager in H Sovereign Hotel and he is now taking doctoral program too so he is good both at theories and practical. Mr. Ramia taught us the difference between social and business etiquette - which I thought they were just the same, lol, I was sooo wrong! You can't apply the way you treat a friend with your business people. He shared lots of his experience even during our lunch time. He used to work abroad and he managed to be an adaptable person to receive the difference of cultural norms in each country. 

Planning & Negotiation
Well, this might my favourite part in this workshop. I've been working here and there and I just realised that planning has a very big role for us to achieve something. Planning help us to set our goals, develop the strategies, also outlining tasks. "A successful negotiation requires good planning", said Mr. Ramia. Planning may essential, but the way we negotiate is important too. Negotiation is one of the most common approaches used to make decisions and manage disputes. Some unsuccessful negotiation caused by negotiation style we used.

Webinar: Business Communication in Japan
To be honest, this was my first webinar ever. The seminar presented by Ms. Anna Novikova Ph.D, a lecturer from Russia. It was fun. Because one and two technical issue, we didn't get the other session. Luckily Mr. Lucky managed to get the material so we can still read it at home.

Presentation Day
So grateful that Mr. Ramia offered us to use one of the function in H Sovereign Hotel! We were on Pelican Room, it was spacious and suitable for group meeting. The students from HSE presented their presentation about Business Ethics in Indonesia. Glad they made it well. The second group - us, from LSPR presented a study case of Planning &Negotiation based on our personal experience as tour organiser. Our presentation was all about how to accommodate a group of people with lots of personal interest. Mr. Ramia and Mr. Adi as a representative of the hotel satisfied with both group. He personally happy that what he has explained in the class were useful. We ended our last workshop with certificate giving ceremony to all participants, and lunch followed.

Thats it! 5 days workshop of Business Communications in Asia went well. New friends, new knowledge, new experience. Thank you so much for HSE students and the lecturers, LSPR Bali team that have provided us with everything, H Sovereign Hotel and especially Mr. Ramia for having us on our last day. Here's our 5 days workshop in 30-ish second video recap.

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