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November 2, 2016

A Letter To My Future Man

Dear, my future man. If by any chance you come across this blog, I want to let you know that you're not alone -- I've been waiting for you too. All these years my head has been manipulating me with its imaginations and temporary pleasures. My latest relationship treated me like a loop; devoted to a person, and stuck with the same issues for years that... I never know when it will end. Sweet-thrilling proposal, I've done that, and failed. I've buried the idea of a marriage like... a year ago, maybe. Not because I'm giving up on love, I'm just giving my heart a break. People said we have to take our time in finding the love we deserve, huh? So yeah I'm doing it.

My dearest future man. If by any chance I have met you and it was I who failed to notice, please dont stop trying to get my attention. You dont have to be a super romantic person, really. Two things I want the most are to have a man that only has eyes on me, and to be loved in the way I was meant to be loved. You know sometimes we run when thing get too tough because we deserve better, right? This time I will not run again And I hope you do too. Last but not least, I hope you won't let your fears annoy us. I'm human, I have fears too. But I believe we can do this together. Thats all for today. Expecting you sometime soon :)

Your future woman.


  1. Apik iki..... tak blok semua tulisane tak copy trus dari yahu tak buka ketik gugel trus aku paste ke gugel trenslet...wah terharu bacane... iki ttg pelem bek tu puture khan?

    Becanda... keren tulisannya i like it... wish im that man...eh

    1. Ehe.. sekarang dah (lagi) ketemu calon future man-nya yaa :D

    2. Hmm amiiin.. Kalau jodoh syukur, kalau nggak ya coba yang lain 😂😅

  2. Huahaha kenapa kita sama ya.. aduh apes apa gmn, but i am not regret .. nothing to lose