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November 28, 2011


Bunches of happiness flooded when I received a mention from him. Its Carter Bays!

November 21, 2011

Why Do People Keep Doing This?

When someone does me (a) Boo Boo(s), I usually have no problem forgiving them because I don't like carry grudges if only makes me feel bad & really does nothing to help the situation. But I found some friends that keep hating their past and it surprised me. They start talking about how they were so in-love with the Ex back then. But they don't stop there, they are keep cursing the Ex. And it really eating away at me.

And my question is, why do they keep referring to the past? Why do they keep cursing to the Ex(es), if what they had today is so much better than its past.

Flashback our own past can be useful to remind ourselves of how far we've progressed in life. But pointing out of other people continuously really makes you like you're living in the past & not wanting to move on. Hang loose, hang tough on the present, and (at least) forget your past if you still cannot forgive them. Life's hard enough, don't carry your bad experience in the past for your future.